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We are a professional cable house, specialized in all types of OEM cable build to your exact specification. As a UL approved, ISO/9001 and QS 9000 certified company, We continue to bring excellent products to our customer's door steps.
First Cable Line is committed to providing the highest quality products with competitive prices along with impeccable service & support. We stock a large selection of standard data and networking cable products at our location in Arcadia, California. Aside from our stock items FCL specializes in all types of OEM cables built to your exact specifications.
PC Product Networking Products AV Cables & Accessories
PC Product Networking Products Av Cables & Accessories
New Releases
External Cable Display Port Cable USB 3.0 Cable
External Cable Display Port Cable USB 3.0 Cable
External Cable Display Port (DP) cable - a single cable solution that provides high-definition digital video and audio signals for computing displays, graphics cards, and laptops...
First Cable Line introduces a new generation of cable “USB 3.0” which just finalized the specification on Nov 12th in 2008 and has faster speed and stronger functions than current USB 2.0.
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